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Human resource management

Consulting in human resource management, soft skills training, management training and mentoring for colleagues who are new to the field or lack specific knowledge in some HR segment.

Human resource management

To companies, I offer services of HR management, soft skill education, and education on management and mentoring colleagues that are new in the field or lack specific knowledge in some HR segment.

I spent fifteen intensive years in HR field at specialist and managerial positions, thus I can offer quality solutions adjusted to a particular client. In these challenging times, I believe that emphasis should be put on providing support to employees in the form of maintaining mental health and coping with stress. Therefore, I also offer counseling for employees, referred by the company in case they want and need it (Employee Assistance Program).

Employee assistance program

ProSelf offers the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) service to companies. EAP is beneficial for employees for providing professional support (psychological and psychotherapeutic) to their mental health in resolving various problems in the business and private life domain.

The program is so conceived to strictly follow the principles of voluntary inclusion and confidence; the employees that decide to enter the program can be sure that any information about them will not be shared with their employers. Besides contributing to benefits of their employees, such investment will help the company strengthen their employees’ loyalty, satisfaction, and thus the level of productivity.

Employees can include in EAP with topics from business area, e.g., setting goals, motivation and self-motivation, time and delay management, communication and relations with colleagues and superiors, setting boundaries, mobbing, burnout, private to business life balance, etc., as well as those from private life such as anxiety, depression, loss and mourning, life crises and traumas, building and maintaining quality relationships with the others, relationship with oneself, romantic issues, etc.

It should be noted that it is quite difficult to separate private from business issues in counseling and therapy, thus talking about one area we probably will also enter the other one.

In case you find the program interesting and recognize it as an additional value for your company and employees, it will be my pleasure to present it in more detail and talk to you about the possibility of implementing it in your company.

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