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I offer my clients, both private individuals and companies, the possibility of personal and professional growth and development through various workshops, training and educational programs.

Corporate development programs

For corporate clients, I offer "soft skills" training, management education, and education and mentoring for experts in the field of human resource management.

All programs are tailor made in accordance with specific clients’ needs and characteristics of the company. From my personal and professional experience, this approach gives the best and long-term results.

Through "soft skills" training and workshops, we focus on developing skills that affect our relationships with others - in professional, but also in private life. Subsequently, the quality of our interpersonal relationships, and thus success in the business environment, correlates highly with those skills. Some of the most common workshop topics are communication skills, presentation skills, time management, proactivity, assertiveness, and others.

For experts in the field of human resources management, who are new to HR or lack specific knowledge in some HR segment, I offer the possibility of one-on-one mentoring or group training for several colleagues from the same company.

I work with company managers to improve management and leadership skills through interactive workshops. For newly appointed managers who recently transitioned to a leadership position, the opportunity to "sharpen" their leadership skills in a group, through learning from their own and others' mistakes, and through feedback and interaction with colleagues, is a very valuable experience. Managing people daily requires the use of numerous (soft) skills. Even when we are experienced, when working with people, we will often come across situations that can be challenging. In leadership positions, it is necessary to learn how to motivate yourself and others daily, how to give and receive feedback, resolve team conflicts, set goals for employees, manage performance, and lead remote teams. In management workshops we deal with these, as well as other relevant topics required for success in a leadership role.

Open workshops for personal growth and development – for all interested individuals

My clients in psychotherapy and counseling, as well as trends and events in modern society, inspire me with ideas and motivate me to create open workshops on relevant topics. Depending on the topic, I conduct workshops independently or in co-leadership with colleagues and experts in different fields.

I take special pride in the series of workshops for the empowerment of women called "Me, me and I" that I developed and co-led with my colleague Sandra Latković Prugovečki.

I am passionate about and continuously developing new workshops and programs on relevant and interesting topics. There is more to come in the near future.

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